Year One

      The days are long but the years are short. Something my mom has always said about what it's like to raise children but I think it can be stretched a little further and applied to adult life in general. Marty and I have lived on the farm for one year - one whole year! I can't believe it's been an entire year and I also can't believe it's only been a year. So, here’s a little recap.
      As some of you know, when we took possession of the farm we still owned and were renovating another house on a little acreage. We spent hours and hours, weeks and weeks over at that other place last summer and we didn't get to spend nearly as much time as we would have liked at the farm. Our hard work paid off when we sold that place in the fall and we felt like we could finally breathe! The farm came with two llamas (Sugar and Emperor) and a donkey named Brown. Brown got sick and died a few months after we moved in and it was the first real farm life heart break I went through. Marty grew up on large farm and saw the comings and goings of countless animals, he was a little more okay with it. The only pets I ever had were some fish (which my dad accidentally boiled when he turned the temperature in the tank up too high) and a hamster Stuart who was eventually buried in the forest behind my childhood home and I cried for DAYS. Needless to say, I had (and still very much have) a lot to learn.
     Last September long weekend we really jumped right into farm life. We got our two pups Hank and Olive and started our meat goat herd by getting three nannies (Boots, Betty and Celine Dion) and all of their 5-month old kids. Later that winter we had surprise baby goats because the seller didn’t know the ladies were pregnant when she sold them to us! Kidding in the winter is something we never wanted to do, nor will we ever plan on doing again. It’s just too cold and the little goats can’t dry off well enough. So we had blow dryers in the barn and goats in the garage, it was all very exciting but also very stressful. We rented a big stinky, very friendly billy goat named Soren to make us some spring babies! We have had two already and should be having twins or triplets (we aren’t too sure yet!) in a few weeks! Currently all our other goats are named Chocolate Milk, Alpine Gin, Five, Snow White, Polka Dot and Delilah. Marty is the best guy ever. Not only does he go along with my crazy naming of all the animals, but he actually knows all their names too.  True love, folks. That's true love. We also added laying hens to our menagerie and let me tell you once you have had farm fresh eggs on your plate every morning there is nooooo chance of going back to ones you buy at the store. The yolks are such a vibrant yellow/orange and they’re so thick you can pinch them and pick them up whole. Happy chickens make happy eggs. :) We also have a few domestic ducks which we hope to get few ducklings out of every year and a few weeks ago we got 50 little chicks so we can have even more laying hens. Pickled egg, any one?

      We have many plans for year two. Just last night we planted our first garden. We are really hoping to get some pigs and some turkeys. And a sign, we really need a farm sign. Living on the Weathered Barn Farm is everything I never knew I wanted. I feel so incredibly lucky and so incredibly thankful for this life. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for all of us. <3


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