Upstairs Hallway - BEFORE(ish)

      There is a bit of an odd area upstairs between the bedrooms/guest bathroom. I get why it's there, it acts as the ceiling for the hallway underneath it on the main level. But it's funny how many people have seen our place and asked, "What is this space for?". Err no one's sure. One day, maybe soonish (like in less than 10 years!) we want to transition into a family that consists of more than just kids, and add some real kids. So I think this space will be used a 'book nook' for little people.

      Obviously, these before photos have already had some work done. The horrible BEIGE (I'm so tired of that word :p) carpet was already torn up and new vinyl, clip together, floating floor was installed, one light fixture was already changed out and there is a wee bit of paint on the walls.

Plans for the space include:
- paint the walls a light grey, called Touch of Grey
- distressing the banner to add some more farmhouse charm
- do you remember this fireplace? Well it was part of our step-down formal living room area that has been converted to my art room. We didn't want this fireplace but I knew we could make the mantle into something great, so it is going to become a bulit in shelf!

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