Old House - Herringbone Wall

       I knew that at some point in this renovation I would be painting the celling a bold colour aaaaand doing some kind of a feature wall in the same room. I was perusing good ol' Pinterest and and I fell in LOVE with the herringbone pattern. The below image below particularly caught my eye because I love negative space, as in not every single section is coloured in. Click on the image to see another tutorial for the same herringbone patterned wall!

      We did things a little differently than the above linked in tutorial. I liked the idea of taping the entire pattern and filling in each block while being able to look at the whole wall/pattern. I also thought my method would be better for doing multiple coats in each section. Either way, the result is a beautiful herringbone wall!
      Instead of using regular green or blue painters tape we opted for something a bit more expensive. I have seen Frog Tape at Home Depot many times, but never thought the additional cost was worth it. For this project we decided to see if this Frog Tape was really as good as advertised and boy was it ever! There was relatively no seepage of paint under the tape and it pulled off without damaging any of the base paint! I have never seen such consistent clean lines with any other painters tape. I think I converted. :D

      So as you can see below, this is how we taped the wall! I think it's pretty self explanatory...

      And then it was time for the FUN part! Marty was more than happy to help out with the taping and technical side of things but that actual painting - he had no interest in. So with help from a very dear friend, we went to town on filling the spaces. 

What colours were used?

  • The entire room was painted in Behr Sweet Roses and is the base for this mural
  • Green - Behr Topiary Tint
  • Dark blue - Behr Catalina Coast 
  • Light blue - Is a combination of left over paints! It's Behr Dragonfly mixed with Irish Mist
  • Yellow - Behr Optimist Gold 
  • Coral - Behr Youthful Coral (this is also what is painted on the ceiling!)
  • Grey - Behr Wet Cement 

And we couldn't WAIT to pull the tape off...


And there it is folks! The herringbone patterned wall and coral painted ceiling! 
Bold and colourful, just like I wanted!