Hi! I’m Allison Franke coming at ya from Alberta, Canada.
I’m so glad you stopped by! Pull up a chair and let’s get to know each other.


      Throughout my life I have always been drawn to art and making things. In grade school I didn’t really care about reading the book, I just wanted to make the book report cover. In high school I always wanted to get good grades, but I was way more passionate about leading the yearbook committee. After high school I decided to take the practical path and I become a registered nurse. I love people (especially old ones!), I love talking and it seemed to be a career to make a life out of. And don’t get me wrong, nursing still does and will always have a place in my heart, but I looked around and saw my co-workers absolutely filled with passion, excitement and joy for the field and I knew I had to find that for myself some where else.

Photo credit - Creations Photo

Photo credit - Creations Photo

      Enter - Marty Franke in September 2011. Marty and I met when I only had a few months of my degree left. He grew up on a large farm outside a tiny mountain town one province over, myself growing up in a huge capital city. I knew that if this man was going to stay in my life I was going to have to be okay with not staying in the city. We had only known each other for 11 months when we bought a small acreage in August 2012 and one day after possession we got engaged. The house we moved into needed some updating, but first, we had to plan a big ol' backyard wedding! It was the DIY project of a lifetime and definitely where I found a spark of immense joy. Freshly married I started creating more art, got really invested in the design process of renovating and started capturing all of what was going on; Make it Franke was born.

      After spending roughly 18 months renovating the acreage house, we got to thinking, "Hey, if we sell this house now I think we could make money." We also thought, "Hey, this acreage thing is lovely, but what about a real farm?" Marty brought up the notion of raising baby goats and this city girl was sold! Much like our house! We bought the Weathered Barn Farm in July 2015. To be frankE - renovating with little experience, starting a farm with even less experience and being newly married has had many, many ups and downs and continues to. We are enduring it all and are definitely a stronger couple because of it!

      In March 2018 we welcomed a daughter, Iola Joy, into this world and our life has become even more crazy/messy and wonderfully loved filled than it has ever been before. It feels like the real adventure has just started!  

      On any given day you can find me painting on canvas creating colourful art, sharing a DIY craft, refinishing a piece of furniture, thrifting for vintage treasure or renovating agaaaaaain, with Marty. Together we look after a herd of goats, a flock of laying hens, a paddling of ducks, a very lovable farm pup, and one baby girl on our Weathered Barn Farm.  

If you don't find something that inspires you, I hope you at least find yourself smiling on account of my colourful and wonderful life. 

<3 Allison Franke