With her rosie woods tones and classic white elements, Rosamund the Dresser combines style with storage to give us a beautiful and functional living room dresser.     

      Having a living room dresser seems like such a simple solution to multiple living room problems; storage, display area, slim design for efficient space usage, and it can be made to suit so many different styles. 

      We knew we wanted to have a living room dresser under our mantel but we didn't want to spend oodles of dough. We found this gem on Kijij for $100 and knew it could be made into something fantastic for our living room. 

     The drawer fronts and dresser top were sanded down to the original wood to allow for staining, while the body of the dresser was lightly sanded to allow for paint adhesion. The insides and sides of each drawer were also painted to make the piece feel more 'finished'. Sure it's extra work, but it looks so good! It would be a great way to add a pop of colour to a room for people who don't want to make a full on commitment. The frilly 80s bottom piece of the dresser was man-handled by Marty and turned into the nice square-bottom you see now! As for the exact how-to process in doing that, well, it involved initial hesitation, quite a few nails, some extra wood and a lot of profanities. But, like always, he figured it out! 

  • Body - Behr Cottage White
  • Fronts, top and legs - Minwax Dark Walnut
  • Prefabricated legs were purchased and Home Depot 
  • All surfaces were sealed with Minwax Polycrylic 
  • New door knobs were purchased at Rona 
  • Hardware spray painted with Rust-oleum Specialty Lacquer White