Painted Mint Parfait and looking all mint chocolate chip,
Sundae the Sideboard is oh so sweet and delicious on the eyes!

      I know what some of you are thinking! How could I have painted over this beautiful antique piece of furniture!?! I am sorry - I couldn't' help it! I love colour too much! Rest assured that in 10 years or so, when mint was so 2013-2017, this piece can be stripped down again, stained a gorgeous trendy wood tone, and restored back to MINT condition! :p I got this piece along with a taller, glass front hutch and a table and chairs off a guy from Kijiji who conveniently lived just down the road from the farm and don't you know I'll be refinishing those pieces too!
      I used furniture stripper for the first time refinishing this piece. I didn't want to sand the whole thing, like i usually do, because I didn't want to risk losing any of the intricate engraved details carved into the wood. I used a gel furniture stripper and I will definitely use it again. Make sure you wear protective equipment cuz it is POtent stuff. I got a few specks on my glasses frame and there will forever be chemical burn divots. Sigh. The jelly like consistency allows you to slope the stripper all over the piece, let is sit for a few minutes, it weirdly bubbles, and then you scrap it off with a scrapper. I also went of the whole thing with a wet piece of steel wool to get all the excess off. After 12 hours of letting it dry I lightly sanded small spots where wee bits of stain remained. Then the body was painted and the top and legs stained!
      And here she is now! I am just absolutely IN LOVE with this piece. It was very hard to put it up for sale, but if I only sold stuff I didn't personally love I wouldn't have product and I would have an overwhelming amount of furniture in my house! It's up for debate whether or not that is already true...

      I recently sold this piece at a spring market and the couple who purchased it had one custom request - could I paint it ivory?! Though I am in love with the minty freshness I said absolutely I can! So, Sundae is getting another makeover! They even got to pick the exact colour they wanted and they chose Nice Cream by Behr. :)

With her Nice Cream ivory complexion and coffee brown accents,
Sundae the Sideboard is like a latte for your living space!

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