Stairway To Heavens-to-Betsy That's Uuuugly

      See that triangular space, inside that little pony wall, that I assume was used for fake plants back in the glory that was 1991 ... we lovingly referred to it as the sh*t hole. When ever we didn't know where to put something, or people were coming over and we wanted to hide all the random crap that accumulates around your kitchen/dining room area, it would just end up in the sh*t hole. Now I know getting rid of the place you put your crap doesn't actually get rid of your crap, but maybe it will lead us down better organizational trails. A girl can dream. (Reminder - the wall colour is called BL-YELLOW. Not beige. Not yellow. But blyellow. Slow clap for 1991, please.)

Plans for this space include:
- widening the stairs towards the bottom
- re-carpeting them, getting us closer to a full beige eradication

It's okay to laugh at your own jokes more than once, right?

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