Meet Me In The Middle

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Meet Me In The Middle

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"I'd start walking your way, you'd start walking mine."

*FOR YEG + AREA LOCALS ONLY - THIS PIECE WILL BE DELIVERED BY YOURS TRULY - CUZ SHIPPING RATES ARE INSANE!* Also, because I am on baby watch (as in, she’s here any day now!), we’ll work together to figure out when we can get this piece in your home ASAP. Thanks in advance for your understanding!*

28 x 22 inches

- original acrylic/mixed media artwork on stretched canvas, edges painted

- wire included, she's ready to hang!

- please note that while technology is pretty marvelous these days, the colour of this actual piece may differ slightly from the one shown on your screen

- other artwork is not included

- it is my truest hope that when you hang this in your home you'll smile and feel glad to be alive, because who doesn't need more of that?!

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