Make it happen.

      It's not often you get to actually know when one chapter of your life is closing and another is beginning. It's usually a gradual thing, or results as a sum of little decisions all put together. Sometimes you don't even know chapters happened or are over until you reflect about life and say, "Hey, I was there and now I'm here. Neat." 
      Today I feel very lucky. I know my next chapter is starting right now. I finished my emergency nursing job yesterday (I will however be nursing a few times a month in a small rural hospital) and my creative career starts today. Yes it has been brewing for years, yes I have always made time to create and blog on the side, but now, as of today, I am putting my creative career first. When people ask me, "What do you do?" I am going to say, "MAKE STUFF!" I am going to be putting in long days painting, creating and marketing myself and my work. There will be all nighters, deadlines and times where I will have to force myself to be creative even when I may not feel up to it. I am completely aware it is going to take time to build my brand and see success, heck maybe I'll have to return to my 'real job' if this just doesn't pan out. But there is absolutely no way that is going to happen if I don't TRY. So, here goes!!  

Make it happen friends, what ever it is you need in life, even just trying feels pretty darn good. 

- Allison F.