Our 9 day renostaycation.

Staycation: adapted from the word vacation, a staycation implies that an individual, couple or family is choosing to stay home during their allotted vacation time instead of going on a far away trip or adventure. Staycation activities include but are not limited to; watching Netflix, tackling mounding laundry, running some long over due nagging errands, baking, finally hitting up a local restaurant you've been meaning to get to, etc. A staycation is a time to nest and enjoy your home. Taking an extended staycation is a sign of growing older. You are at a point in your life where wet t-shirt contests at Señor Frogs are trumped by onsies on the couch. Playing poolside beer pong with palm trees in the background is trumped by a quiet card game with the family. Romantic adventures on tropical beaches are trumped by going to bed at 8:30 PM, and wanting to. And now it’s not to say that staycationers never want to actually vacation again, it's just that their grown up jobs/lives/responsibilities only give them so many windows of actual 'free time' and the rest/party balance has to be had. The older you get, the harder it is to find your party pants.

Renosatycation: variation of staycation. Includes a defined number of days in which you don't go to work, and not only simply stay home, but stay home to renovate your house. Elements of the traditional staycation will be peppered throughout, but the goal of said time at home is to complete a list(s) of home improvement related tasks.

      Over the next 9 days Marty and I are taking a renostaycation. We have 9 days off and we are staying in! We have have a hefty list of things to accomplish on the house as we want to take a break from renovating over the summer - so we have to get projects done now! We are also in the thick of kidding our goats, so it will be nice to have these 9 days to really look after the critters together. I know I'm getting older but who new this would be the new face of fun... Not only are we going to stay home but we're also going to work. (?) My 19 year old self would be so confused.

Stay tuned on Instagram Stories for our reno updates and progress - oh and of course some amazing reno-related puns! A friend of mine recently told me my puns were RENOLUTIONARY! Thanks Geoff, I can't take credit for that one.

Signing off as my excited-to-stay-home 28 year old self,


Holy. Dyna. You guys. In terms of the renovation, we got very, very, little done. Months ago we devised a master renovation plan that all came to a wrap on April 1st, when we would then take a few moths off of home improvements and focus on other things ... sadly we are still so far away from that goal. :S During these 9 days we managed to scarp the master bedroom/bathroom stipple, paint a few coats of flat white on top, lay all the vinyl flooring throughout the same space, and do a little bit of drywall work - but we MOSTly spent our time in the barn with all our goats, who were all having babies this week. In hindsight, like most things, it was rather foolish to believe we could be master renovators and super farmers in the same week, but at least we tried. All we have to do know is pick up the reno-slack, push the end goal date for finishing the upper level of the house and, for next year, kid all of our goats without planning ANYthing else at the same time. Lesson learned. Thanks, Murphy.

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