What a debt free, DIY, live-in renovation ACTUALLY looks like...

aka War on Dust aka Where's The Disaster Relief Team?

      The black hole that is the internet can be a dangerous platform for comparison, we all know this, and (I'm guilty) it can really get a person down. I don't have that, I don't have this, I don't have the life that person has, etc. As part of my goals for 2017 I want to lift the veil, show you "behind the squares" to get a taste of what my life and more specifically right now what renovating is really like. I think healthy doses of transparency and reality are becoming more important than ever. Social media, photo-shopping, and 7x filtered photos are making us all a bit unrealistic when it comes to looking at our own lives. I simply want to make every one feel a little bit better!

      I was ever so fortunate to get to move out of my parents place, into a very spacious but very ugly house (which we have since moved out of). Marty and I spend the first year there planning our wedding, and then we got to working on the house. We spent 18 months renovating the ENtire house, with an extremely stressful time crunch towards the end, as we had actually owned our farm property while we were STILL working on a place where we no longer lived. We carried two mortgages for 6 months, tried to sell an acreage on the down swing of the real estate market, took on the responsibilities of having a small farm, moved into another house that desperately NEEDed renovating and we were newly married to boot. You wanna talk about tears? I'm an expert. You wanna talk about being so mentally and physically done? Frig let's open a case of beer!

      Renovating is something Marty and I kindof fell into, and fell in love with. We make an excellent team. I have the vision and am decently handy, Marty knows how to do plumbing work, electrical work, dry walling, etc. and together we figure out all the stuff we have no idea how to initially do. But renovating is dusty, it's fume-y, it's unorganized, it's constantly moving stuff from one room to another. It's never being able to find a paint brush, only being able to find the Phillips screwdrivers and it's ugly. I mean we have been living with a double wide, black and gold master bathroom Jacuzzi tub, whom we refer to as Black Magic, for 1.5 years now and all we have ever used it for is dirty clothes. Nothing in your house has a place to live. Well, that WILL go in the laundry room cupboard we don't have. Some things are literally falling apart or pretty darn close to it and every process generally takes WAY longer than you want it to/ have scheduled it to. There are Home Depot bags and paint cans every where, half ripped apart or half finished projects around every corner, some of which we have lived with since moving in knowing that we will get to it one day.  As someone who is truly charged by the energy of a space this is HARD on me. I have come to realize this more and more and am finding ways to deal with it all as we renovate (a-fricken-gain). So, here is a gallery of hideous, horrible, unfiltered, awful photos of what a debt free, DIY, live-in renovation ACTUALLY looks like...

      Of course the end product is amazing. It is unbelievably and extraordinarily satisfying for us to look around and say, "Hey, we did this." Renovating has really strengthened our relationship and constantly gives us something to do together. I just have to become a bit better at embracing patience and appreciating that Rome was sure as hell, not built in a day.

Now, back to it, cuz walls ain't paintin' themselves,

Ps - I am having so much fun Instagram storying videos and images of our renovation progress. I will definitely keep that up for the next few months as we have big things to tackle before all our baby goats are born! :D








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