First market in review.

      This past weekend I was part of my very first makers market. I applied to be a part of the Vixens of Vintage Spring Fling on a bit of a last minute whim. I needed the application deadline adrenaline to push me to do it and I actually filled it all out in the truck while Marty and I were on our way to his hometown. So many of my own thoughts were muddling me up and keeping me from applying right away, "What if I don't get accepted? What will my peers and fellow makers/creatives think of my stuff? What if no one likes my style and it will all be for nothing??" I am a fairly confident gal but self doubt can just creep in at any time for any person. And now people, I am here to reassure you, even when those pesky voices are telling you that maybe you can't - you pretty much CAN. It might not always be right away or all the time, but you can, you can, you can.

      I had SUCH AN AWESOME time. The energy I will take from this weekend after being surrounded by so many creative types and from people's kindness and compliments will fuel me for weeks to come to make and create and feel right about what I am doing. Thank you so much for everyone who came out to see me. Friends old and new, family who traveled. Thank you to everyone who had such lovely things to say about my art work, and furniture and about my mom's sewn goods. And to the gal who told me she reads all my handwritten product tags on the items at my Old Strathcona Antique Mall booth and think I am hilarious - you made my whole weekend! And just a big ol' thank you to Edmonton as a whole, gotta love me some YEG. <3

I cannot wait to do another market and meet more and more great people with creative small business dreams and see where my own little career goes! Now on to taking a days rest, man these things are also quite exhasting!

Tired and inspired,

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