Stay on schedule (but don't).

      This time around, Marty and I are approaching our renovation with a bit more of a structured schedule and a pact to one another that we would be somewhat socially reclusive for the next few months. Not only do we simply have more going on in our lives and require an agenda to organize it all, but I NEED to feel like constant progress is being made or else I will pull my hair out. (Literally, actually just plucked my first grey hair New Years Day. Blaming it on the reno disaster.)
      This past weekend we had a list of what we should be able to get done by Sunday evening so that next weekend we can move forward and the weekend after that we can too, etc. You can call us renovation weekend warriors for sure! Saturday afternoon, at about 1 o'clock, Marty's Oma and Opa called us up and asked if they could come for a visit. It's not too often we get to see them as they live a few hours away so we were thrilled they wanted to make the trek. I popped a mango + blueberry crisp in the oven, cleaned the sandpaper/screwdrivers/saw blades off of the kitchen table and threw the schedule out the window. Sunday rolled around, we saw them off, and went back at 'er. This is when my fam came for a visit. My mom brought a brisket, the boys had some shooting target practice and again, the schedule was thrown out the window. It's definitely my gut reaction to want to halt everything that isn't progress aimed but with out-loud-to-myself reminders I can truly embrace: family > progress. In 20 years we aren't going to remember that we didn't get to grout the tiles on this specific weekend. We are going to remember the stories Oma and Opa tell, the hilarious banter between the two and how much we appreciated their visit that frosty weekend back sometime winter of 20-something. We will remember all the days when my parents were young, when we didn't have any kids, and including my brother, it was just the 5 of us around my parent's old oak table that Marty and I may have stolen from them and replaced it in their kitchen with their outdoor patio table set... once upon a time. ;)

      Reaching various finish lines of this renovation will allow us to move our focus/energy/time/money to other things in life but getting to the end won't magically make us happier and there are definitely things I will miss about it. Some of my favourite moments with Marty are spent after supper, sitting in different parts of this current house and our last, dreaming up what we are going change and how we are going to tie together function and style. I know that when Marty and I are in an old folks home, still playing cribbage, still drinking dill pickle caesars, that we will reminisce about the 'good old days' when we spent so much of our early married days painting, laying flooring, installing new showers and building our life together.

It's a slow sailing ship but at least we are enjoying the scenery,

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