We are moving.

      It's official - this summer Marty and I are moving to a farm! We are moving to a 40 acre piece of land with a house and a barn where we are going to make all our farming and country living dreams come true. We want chickens and pigs and goats and some real kids too! Best part - the new place comes with 2 llamas! It also has more room for me to concentrate on my art and will give me space to be even more creative. I can't wait. 

      But moving is not with out it's cons. Moving from this house, our first house and the place where we got married, is going to be incredibly hard. I have already teared up more then once thinking about leaving. No longer will I be able to look out the front window and see the spot where we said our vows. I won't be able to walk through the grass of our lawn, the aisle that my dad walked me down, and relive seeing all the shining faces of all the people I love in one place. No longer will I be able to sit around a backyard bonfire and reminisce in the exact spot we had our first dance and partied into the wee hours of the night. The energy of our wedding day, with all our friends and family, is carried in this property and we think about it often. It is also going to be hard to leave this beautiful house that we poured our heart and soul into. We have spent the last year and a half transforming it into what we thought for a long time was our dream house. And soon we will just be packing up and leaving...

      In speaking with my grandma recently about moving, she told me a story about when she moved from her farm into town. My grandma is an incredible story teller. She tells the tales of her life in a way that makes the listener feel they were right there beside her. She conveys her detailed memories with such colourful words and emotion you can't help but be drawn into the different era to which she is so often referring. This stark, bland text form of my grandma's words do not do it justice, but here you go any way.  

      After a month of living in town she received a phone call from a friend asking, "Well Beth, have you stopped crying yet?" And my wonderful, strong spirited grandma confidently answered, "Crying, why would I be crying? I haven't shed a tear!"  "Well," her friend said, "because you had to leave home, of course!" And my grandma replied with such a simple and honest response, "Home is where you hang your pictures." And she went on to say that she explained to her friend it didn't matter where you lived because you just brought your whole life with you. She then reassured me that there would be many more memories to be made out at the new farm and I reassured her that I will shed enough tears to make up for the ones she didn't have. 

      The next few months are going to be insane. We have to finish renovating this house so we can list and sell it and we will be slowly moving our entire life 15 minutes down the road. If you have a free hand this summer and want to pick up a paint brush or help move some boxes, we would be grateful for the help and all the memories.