Well folks, it's official, Marty and I SOLD THE ACREAGE! For those of you who don't know the details, our first home was on a little 3 acre lot. It was the house we started renovating while living there (thinking it would be the place where we would be married and live and die and be buried) and then finished renovating it after we moved out to the farm. After moving we still had the entire kitchen and 2 bathrooms to do as well as finish many little things here and there. For the five months we had both properties and carried both mortgages we made countless 12 minute trips in-between properties (luckily very manageable!) and were able to watch two Canadian geese raise their six goslings. 
      There are many ponded marshland areas between here and there and every time we made the commute we would look for this little goose family. Initially, there were six little fuzzy white bodies and with each viewing their feathers grew fuller and darker, their necks grew longer and before we knew it there were six more full grown geese. It didn't take long after that to stop seeing them all together, as they left the nest and went on to there own adventures. Literally. (Ha!) Not only was it magical to watch this little family grow up but it was also a fantastic reminder as to why we were making these every days commutes; so our little family could grow too. We put in SO much time, and a few bucks too, but now that it has sold and the keys are in someone else's hands, we can see how our hard work has paid off. We made a great financial stride and have set ourselves up to be able to reach many more goals. One of these goals, I am very happy to announce, involves me giving up my permanent registered nurse position so I can focus on my art and creative career! I'm going to keep nursing in my back pocket, working a few shifts a month, as my parents raised me to be too darn practical! Nonetheless, I am absolutely elated and cannot wait for the next coming months and this change of focus in my life. Oh and guess what else we get to do - start another COMPLETE top to bottom renovation! :D 

Let me know if I can paint something for you, k?