What's a blog?

I knew that when I decided to start up a website, a blog would inevitably be part of the whole experience. Blogging is a word that we have all heard thrown around so casually these days, yet I still wasn’t really sure if I even knew what it really was.  

So what would any good wife do? Turn to their husbands for advice...

A: “Marty. I am going to start up a website with all our projects and stuff on it. And I’m going to start a blog I think. Any ideas what a blog is?”

M: “Well,” followed by a long pause, “it’s a place on the Internet where people write about themselves, I guess.”

Aha! That’s it. I’m going to throw the whole blog concept right out the window and just think about this as a hopes and dreams, poems and quotes, when-ever-you-feel-like making an entry, stuff that happens to you and you want to write it down somewhere diary. Diary. A word I can deal with. 

Dear Diary, 

I have started a blog.

Take care,

Allison F.

(Originally poster April 21, 2014)