Odd jobs.

      I had spent several hours cleaning our master bathroom one wintery afternoon not so many moons ago. When Marty came home from work he decided he would help the cause and clean out the p-trap under the sink. The water had started to drain a bit slower than normal, thus he thought he would clean it out and improve the flow. Something you should know in relevance to this tale, is how big of a man Marty is. He is just over 6 feet tall and very broad. He is a big dude with mitts to match. So when he stuck his finger down the drain to try and clean it out, I don’t know what he was thinking. 

      Cue Allison; “Hey Allison, I need your help!” I hear from the bathroom," My finger is stuck in the drain!” I don’t think I quite understood the extent of ‘stuck in the drain’ until I made my way from the kitchen to the bathroom where Marty was grinning ear to ear (as his happy-go-lucky personality shines regardless of the situation) with his shoulders cocked sideways as he shifted to look at me, unable to actually turn around as he was now attached to the house. 

Here it is. The aftermath. We have been brushing our teeth in the tub...

Here it is. The aftermath. We have been brushing our teeth in the tub...

Me, “What do you mean you’re stuck in the sink?" 

Marty, “My finger is STUCK down the drain.”

      45 minutes, a few trips to the garage, a few pairs of pliers, a bread knife and multiple racing thoughts regarding contacting the fire department later, he was free from the sink but his huge finger was still stuck in the little metal drain piece. With a little cool water and some muscles he manipulated his finger through and the panicking wife relaxed, let out a big sigh, and poured a reasonable sized glass of wine. 

      Have you ever listened to the stories of Stuart McLean? If not you must. Must, must, must. In fact I think they should make you put on a pair of headphones, sit in a comfortable wing-back chair and listen to Stuart McLean as you wait in line for you Canadian passport. He's an icon! And if you need a story to start with listen to Odd Jobs, and think about Marty's finger stuck in the sink. Men. That's all I have to say. 

Here's to helpful husbands, liquor cabinets and easy choices as to what room to renovate next,

(Originally posted January 6, 2015)