Oh BOY! Let's Celebrate!

      I'm very lucky to be part of a group of 6 girlfriends who have weaved in and out of each other's lives some since kindergarten, some throughout elementary and junior high and then all of us coming together in high school. And though as adults we all lead very different lives and don't see each other everyday at school, don't share lockers or bus routes any more, and aren't having weekend sleepovers, we continue to support each other, show up for the big moments and the little ones, and never forget how our friendship has shaped who we are probably more than we'll ever know. *sappy, moving music here*
      All of us have settled into careers (or at least career paths), some of us are married, and for as long as we have talk about babies - now we have one! (Okay, there's no 6-way custody here, but you know what I mean.)
      I love hosting, get-togethers, babies and food, so there was no hesitation when I offered to put on our first baby shower!

      First thing's first - the invitations! I am definitely not a graphic designer and everything I've learned about Photoshop is self taught, but I was pretty darn impressed with the way these babies (ha) turned out!


      Things with dual purposes are the best! Here's a very simple way to make a framed letter that can be used for both party decor AND as a personalized gift.

So here's how!

1. Paint a simple wooden frame any colour you'd like! You could layer paint and lightly sand if you wanted a little bit of another colour to show through.

2. I purchased a letter N at Michaels (of course). And remember, get the Michaels app becasue there is ALways a coupon to use there. I truly believe if you time coupons and sales right (which isn't that difficult) you NEVer have to pay full price at that store! I removed the hardware that came with the letter, and saved used it later in the project.

3. Cut a piece of thick card stock or cardboard to fit in the frame like a picture would.

4. And then cut a cute piece of paper the same size and using a very. very small amount of glue stick glue them together.

5. Plug in the glue gun! And whip up (or in my case have your husband whip up) on of these glue gun holders. They are SO handy!

6. Glue the previously assembled cute paper/cardboard into the frame with the cute side down. I then smoothed the "seams" with a handle of a wooden spoon. I use this spoon for a lot of different crafty things!

7. Flip it over and ooOOoooOooo we're getting somewhere! Center the letter in the frame.

8. Mark anchor points behind where the letter will sit and puncture them with screws.

9. Using the holes in the cardboard as a guide, mark where small holes need to be pre-drilled in to the letter. Drill some small holes, and then screw the letter on to the board. I also used a few very small nails.

10. Don't forget to cover your nails + screws + hot glue mess with another piece of cardboard/card stock. Oh and I used the hardware that I removed from the letter as the hanger for the entire frame, screwing it in with the screws it came with.

TA! DA! Isn't it SO cute?!

      The bunting banner triangles were also from Michaels (on sale!) and for a quick and easy way to add colour to a party without breaking the bank is laying out different pieces of scrapbooking paper as a table runner. I did something very simlair at my wedding!


      The trickiest part about shower games is engaging people just enough, without annoying the living daylights out of them. I like to think I accomplished this, and even if I didn't, it don't matta cuz I luv GAMES :D

How many candies? game

      I thought I'd get real good and frustrating and use ALL different candy so there was much less of a calculated way to guess how many were in the jar. I also used candy that was the colour theme of the party! And just so you know there were 201 candies in the jar. Both the grandma's guess within 4 on either side of 201 and decided the mama of honour should take home the goodies.

What year was I born?

      Prior to the shower I had all the guests email/text me a baby photo/photo of them as a wee youngster, and of course I included baby Nathaniel. I have Apple TV and thus it is very easy for me to show galleries of photos from my Iphone straight to the TV. If you aren't able to do this, you could easily print the photos and either have them on a display board, or print larger versions and show them individually to the group.
      One by one we went through each baby photo. No one mentioned which photo was theirs until after all the photos were gone through. All the guesses were recorded on little cards, which I designed on a simple word program. Once the cards were full we went back through the photos, each person proclaimed which baby photo was theirs and told the group what year they were born. One point was allotted if you were within 5 years either way, and two points were given if you guessed the year dead on! The eldest guest at this shindig was born in 1944 and the youngest of course was 2017. It was seriously so much fun! Take 20-some women looking through decades of baby photos - can you imagine the ooo's and aaa's! Oh and any guess as to who the bald, smiley, dressed in MINT GREEN baby is?!?!

Shower gift game for present opening

      I do not have a photo of this because I straight up forgot to take one, so you'll have to use your imagination! Imagine a gift bag, with a gift in it, taped shut. On the top of the gift bag are little pieces of paper folded in half, taped to the top. As the guest of honour opens a presents, one of the little pieces of paper is either pulled of or torn off and read aloud. Each piece of paper had instructions on it, such as:

Pass this to the person with the shortest hair
Pass this to the person with the most children
Pass this to the person with the closest birthday to Nathaniel’s
Pass this back to the person who passed it to you
Pass this to the person who has a blue car
Pass this to the person wearing the most jewellery
Pass this to the person with the longest hair
Pass this to the person on the right
Pass this to the person on the left

And so on! The person who had the gift bag when the last gift was being opened by the honouree, kept the gift. It was a great way for all the guests to be engaged in the opening of all the gifts!

Messages for mom + dad

      I saw a lot of versions of this activity on Pinterest that involved writing on a diaper. While very clever, I worried about ink getting onto something it isn't supposed to be on! I thought simpler written messaged would be just as sweet and a little less messy! And for any one who wants to copy and paste...

Late night diapers changes must be done,
BUT there is a way to make it more fun!
Please write a message to make
smile at night or just let them know
it will be alright!

      It was such a special day for everyone. A handsome, little man was spoiled, the 6 of us were all in the same room (which is only getting harder and harder) and I got to make a whole bunch of crafty stuff! <3 Thanks to EVERYone who helped out! I couldn't have done it without help. It takes a village to raise a village. <3


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