Franke Farm House - Renos BEGIN!

      The time has officially come. One of which Marty and I have been both very excited about, but also have been putting off for a wee bit as we needed a little breathing room and time to mentally recover from the last top to bottom house renovation, moving to the farm, the 6 months of carrying two mortgages, getting a couple of puppies and having a few surprise baby goats in the dead of winter, and other general life stuff... *sound the trumpets* ...

Renovations on the Franke Farm House have BEGUN! 

      I have two words to describe this 1991 built home on the prairies; bl-ello (say it like you are combining the words beige and yellow) and oak, with some brass accents mixed all up in there. Ugh. I know there was a time when people walked into this house and said, (*note the names are just for storytelling purposes* ;) ), "Joan! These oak cupboards are just to DIE for!" When and there Joan answers, "Oh Nancy, that's nothing - wait until you see the black and gold master bath!" But people, times have changed and the only way the current design state of this house makes me feel is destructive. It's likely in 2041, people will look back on photos of what we love right now they'll say, "Gosh there's just so much grey! And what's with all the letter Fs everywhere?! And gallery walls, what's the point? And why did they distress everything so much!?" But we can deal with that in about 25 years. 

      Here's some photos of how the house looked when we were deciding to buy it.

       This house has absolutely incredible bones. It is pretty dang spacious and has so, so much room for us to grow into. There were many reasons why we bought this house in spring of 2015, but one of the big ones was we knew we would be able to convert the second living room/den just off the kitchen to an art studio space. In our old place, I used the home office as my studio, and it was bursting at the seams. We also hummed and haaa'd as to where to start this renovation. The upstairs bathroom was taking first place for a while, then we thought we'd start with the mud room, and finally we settled on getting this art space done. As you can see below, in the 'before' photos, it is what you might call disastrous. *Enter cliched quote* "I am creative, you can't expect me to be neat too!" But actually. The lack of usable work space for multiple projects was stressful and just tanked my efficiency. I felt like I was always fighting my space instead of working on my projects. I am very much looking forward to the 'after' photos.

Here are a few 'before' pictures of the art space and how it oh so awkwardly attaches to the kitchen.

Plans for this space include:
 - a wall with french doors to separate the art room from the kitchen (and I'll be able to close away my mess)
- a large counter with storage below, and likely cabinets above, will be going against that fireplace wall
- the carpet is coming out and I am thrilled to be painting the sub-flooring an exciting colour!

Here's one last photo, that's a little less stressful than the others, and proves I can actually clean up a bit. ;) Oh and PS, the orb chandelier is already new - it's from Home Hardware!

Well I do hope this reno doesn't take too, too long. But as I learned the hard way renovating our other home, these things take TIME, and you just have to be okay with that. Until I get my work space back I've relocated my disaster to the basement - it looks like a hoarder took up residence down here. Oh wait, THEY DID.
- A.F. <3

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