The Weathered Barn, A Gallery of Photos

      When it came time to name our farm I did what any one would do when they have an unanswered question; I Googled it. And by-golly am I glad I did! I came upon this amazing article and it made me think about farm naming in a new way. It made me think about why Marty and I ended up buying this property. Yes it was the location, yes it was the house, yes it was the land - but what captured our hearts was the picturesque driveway and the view of the barn. One of our neighbours told us the barn was built in the 60s and that made us love it just a little bit more. In my farm-naming-wheel-turning session with myself, I sat outside and just stared at it for awhile. She's in desperate need of a repaint, needs a few trim boards replaced, has some broken windows and needs a couple new doors - but she still maintains a tattered charm. And that was it folks, here it is, from now on we can gladly and warmly welcome you to...

The Weathered Barn Farm.

It's just so perfect I can barley stand it! 

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