Make it Sew New; Reworked Fabrics

      A collection of handcrafted fabric items for the home made by reworking the old to make the new. Fabrics are chosen for their colour, interesting texture or vintage vibe. The design process behind each piece involves a brainstorm between myself and my mom Linda Stang, but the mastery of sewing is a skill only belonging to her - thus, in this case, she is the hands behind handcrafted. Here is a small collection of these hand sewn products and a few words from the seamstress herself.

      " I do love to sew! I love to sew as much as I love to cook and bake. I think what draws me to these hobbies is that they are 'practical arts' - day to day necessities that can be enhanced by some level of creativity & artistry. Make It Sew New, this endeavor I started with my daughter Allison, is also a bit like solving a puzzle! Combining a small piece of leftover curtain sheer from the ‘60s, with a decades old piece of hemming tape, and a brightly colored zipper from someone’s long ago forgotten project is no easy task, but I am determined to make what I can and turn the old into a new textile treasure. One of my favourite media to work with is a gentleman’s necktie. They come in such vivid colors and lively patterns and make absolutely lovely cushions! And I love thinking that at one time, they were a cherished wardrobe item. In high school I took one sewing class but really I am self-taught. My mom was always there to answer any questions, as she could sew anything. Being a farm wife during a time when people lived with much, much less, she could make something beautiful (my pre-school spring jacket) from basically nothing (my oldest brother’s worn out slacks).

So I think that’s it, that’s what I want to strive for too - the fabric might be vintage, but I "Make it SEW New"!  "  - Linda

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