More Typography Art

      My cousin recently had a beautiful baby, little miss Anistyn, and no one in my family could contain their excitement about welcoming a little girl into the clan - myself included! And what do I do with excited baby jitters... make something, of course! 
      As I have posted previously, the typography art concept is such a wonderful way to personalize a space, and the ideas around this are limitless. Being that I have a certain fondness for the letter A (best letter, btw) I knew a simple framed letter is the way I'd go with this one. 
      The whole project took less than a 1/2 hour (with using a hair dryer in between coats of paint) and cost less than $20 (with already having scrapbooking paper and paint at home). 

Here is what you will need: 

For this project I used a wooden letter, so painting it was very easy. I used paint I already had at home, paint I use for making my little owls. It is a high quality paint and you absolutely do not need to use such a product for this project. The cheaper the better!

  • Paint the base coat on your letter a colour that you want to peak through on the edges and sanded areas. 
  • While it is drying, frame some scrapbooking paper or even wrapping paper. Use the glass of the frame behind the paper to give it strength. 
  • When the letter is pretty much dry, paint another colour on top! 
  • And once you've let it dry one more time, take some fine grit sand paper and lightly sand the edges and other areas you want the base colour to show through. 
  • Using a hot glue gun, glue the letter directly on the paper inside the frame. Then again with the glue gun, add some embellishments to the frame to make it even prettier! 

And here it is folks! A beautiful, vibrant for the absolutely wonderful baby Anistyn! 
Have a happy day, eh! (Oh, I crack myself up.)