Old House - Master Bathroom

      For the few years we lived at our old place we had a super-ugly ensuite bathroom. It was painted a tacky-ocean-expectant-mother-blue which of course was accented with BEIGE. Worst 90s decision ever. I'd say even worse than tearaway track pants. The medicine cabinet was a cheapy laminate material, none of the towel racks matched let alone were properly screwed into studs... Needless to say renovating this bathroom was a dream come true, with the saddest part being we never got to live in the post reno awesomeness. 

      The decisions regarding how to redo this bathroom were done after we had already decided we wanted to move. We knew the risks we were taking when we chose to do this wall treatment, knowing that not all potential buyers would approve, but we also wanted the unique-urban-barnyard feel to flow through the whole house. The walls were covered with 50 year old shiplap (which Marty saved from the burn pile of an Albertan farmer!). The boards were intensely cleaned and sanded and then nailed in place. Between every board was filled with paintable caulking and we used a zillion coats of high-grade primer to ensure the walls would be sealed very nicely. They were finished off with Behr's Falling Snow, the perfect off white. Faux beams and crown moulding were also added, to frame the now stipple-less ceiling!
      The same vanity was used and boy did she get a makeover! The added legs were premade ones that we got at Home Depot which were stained and sealed. The whole vanity was painted using chalk paint made by a local company Reloved in the colour Burlap. This was my first time using chalk paint and I must say I was very impressed! It is definitely worth all the hype. Being able to skip the sanding step is unreal. And obviously new hardware was added! I love mixing metallics. I think the pristine sheen of the tap mixed with the almost tarnished look of the vanity hardware  creates stunning contrast. Can I get a high five?! 

And because I didn't really do a before and after of the master bedroom, her's just a couple shots of it's gloriousness!