Old House - Main Bathroom

      When we first, first moved in a few years ago the tap in the main floor bathroom would absolutely NOT come clean no matter what I tried. So I spray painted it purple in a fit of frustration. I think the purple tap looked absolutely horrible, but it was better than before. It was kinda like cutting your own bangs when you absolutely cannot stand them any more... An improvement in some ways, but not really either.  
      Like everything else in this house, the main bathroom was mega stuck in the 90s. With it's light coloured cabinet, BEIGE linoleum flooring, plain white tiles around the tub and those awful salon-style bubble lights that put off more heat than a woman in her mid 50s (I went there, everybody.) :p Very little colour was splashed into this house, but the bathrooms were an exception. This one was a pretty nice periwinkle colour but like everything else, it had to go!  

So here's the token before photos...

And here we are now! 

      The stipple was scrapped, crown holding installed, and the whole room was painted with Behr's Violet Vista. The dresser style cabinet, sink top and tap are from Ikea. This was my first attempt at painting the smooth laminate Ikea surface. I can't post a tutorial on how I completed this look because I made so many mistakes and did a TON of unnecessary sanding and extra coats. My biggest advice is use primer, always, always. Don't think you are somehow above primer because you are crunched for time. Primer is not a myth. You aren't some painting god or goddess who can rise above the magic powers of primer. I learned this the hard way. 
      We replaced the tub taps and shower head with ones we purchased from Lowes. The grey subway tiles are from The Home Depot and the light fixture is also from there. The main mirror is from Target (RIP Target Canada, I enjoyed you while I had you.) I acquired the fancy golden mirror from a gal on Kijiji while I was wedding planning, I used it with my sweets table! The large 12X24 inch floor tiles flow from this bathroom into the back entry and laundry room. They are also the same ones in the front entry! And of course the picture ledges are from Ikea.

      Like everything else in this house, it is going to be very difficult to leave this beautiful bathroom.
All we can hope is that the family who buys this house thinks it's as great as we do!