Painted in Electric Blue and buzzing with all kinds of indigo vibes, Indiana the Hutch is the perfect shocking colour to keep your space current!

IMG_8438 (1).jpg

      Do you remember Sundae the Sideboard who got made over not once, but twice?? Well this glass front upright hutch is her equally as make-over-needing cousin. They came as a set with a really beautiful table and chairs (which I am keeping for eva) via a Kiijiji ad from guy just down the road from our farm. He said the entire set had belonged to his spouse's grandmother and believed the pieces were from the 50s! *heart eyes*
      Because this piece is actual real wood, all it requires is a good cleaning before it's painted. I use interior wall paint on furniture all the time and I am shocked by how many people don't realize you can do this! I do suggest that before moving it or handling it you let the paint cure, which takes a good 10 days. I have done many a touch up when fingerprints become imprinted into the 'I thought it was dry' paint.  This is Electric Blue by Behr in a satin finish and I did 3 coats, waiting at least 12 hours between each one and I paint with a small roller!

I am absolutely smitten over this indigo/cobalt blue hutch. I hope you enjoy her as well!

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