Guest Bedroom - BEFORE

      The colour of this bedroom is honestly something I could have lived with. But you know me, I just can't leave it alone! I think my brother said it best when my family was taking a trip a few years ago we were in the airport waiting for our luggage. I was talking about all the ways you could paint your suitcase so it stood out when you were trying to find it AND you could personalize it. (They call that a win-win!) My brother said, with a furrowed brow, "Can't you just leave anything as the original??" And to that I said (and say), "No. No I cannot." However, the inside of the closet will stay this nice grey colour because that's is one less thing for me to do. :)

      As you can see, a few things have already been done. The stippled ceiling has been scrapped and there is a new light fixture from Home Hardware. That mantel is not staying there, it just ended up in these photos because of nonstop reno-shuffle. (It's a thing. It's a thing where things are always in the way and you constantly move them around so you can get things done.)

Plans for this space include:
- painting it (of course!)
- new vinyl flooring
- so much DECOR
- possibly a built in desk under the window (someone was very smart and planned ahead with plugins at desk height)

I know how truly lucky I am to get to live in and work with such roomy rooms. I can't wait for guests to have some where nice to stay!

Covered in paint, as usual,
- A.F.

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