Guest Bathroom - BEFORE

     When we bought our 1991 fixer-upper in May 2015 we knew that she was going to need QUITE a bit of work. Not only is everything outdated and not-so-easy on the eyes, some spots in the house, particularity the bathrooms, have definitely had some degree of water leakage for an unknown number of years. We have hesitantly been letting guests use the upstairs main bath/guest bath since we moved in as we didn't really have a choice. The florescent light is seizure inducing, the linoleum floor is SO slippery and you have to turn the tub tap on with a pair of pliers. The previous owners attempted to build in a slanted wall thing around the tub and basically it turned out just really not good. In writing this post I feel like I need to compose a formal apology and send it to everyone who has stayed with us and used this bathroom. Good news though, almost as we speak, it is getting torn UP! :D

Plans for this space include:
- hmm, what's the best way to say this... EVERYthing is getting redone
- replace the shower
- replace the sink
- replace the light fixture
- painting the walls a really bold colour
- paint the vanity
- we are keeping the counter top!
- new vinyl flooring
- tiled walls (ooOOOoo I can't wait)

I can't wait to have a beautiful bathroom and I can't wait to show you all what we are in the process of coming up with! I also can't wait to take tub with out having to worry about where the pliers are. :)

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