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      I heard a rumour that gallery walls are "out". First off, aren't they a classic? I'm thinking that grouping photos, artwork and mementos in the home is something that has been going on since castle times, it's just how you put stuff on your walls. Secondly, you do YOU (and me, ME!) I love me a stupendous gallery wall, will for a long time. So trendy/over done/out or not here's my gallery wall blog post. :)

      The first large scale one I put up is up the staircase


      When designing baby Iola's nursey, I knew I wanted a very full gallery wall. I  As always, I had to do this project on a budget. I didn't have any additional money to spend on this but it wasn't free because I shopped my house (and guys I have hoarder problems so I knew with some work I could make it work) I also wanted to find the most beautiful free printables I could and I think I succeeded! I also have an incredible printer that I make my own fine art prints on, so (I don't want to give anyone the impression you can do this for free!) I also used my own photography and art work

If you are interested in any of the free artwork I used plus others I have found, see my free printables board on Pinterest!

Frames inside frames