DIY Flower Crown (you might not ever take it off)

For Halloween I usually have my costume figured out a good few months prior, and I always love to put it together myself. Whether it's combining thrifted pieces or making something special, I find creating a costume so much more satisfying than buying one off a hanger. And this is where I thank my mom for all the costumes she sewed me when I was a kid. I think she dreaded October because of it. She's made me a hippy, a jester, a Cinderella gown, and so many little accessories and pieces through out the years. Thank you mama, you little inspiring maker, you. <3

      For Halloween 2015 I had no clue what I was going to be. I had nothing figured out and was starting to panic a little, I am not going to lie. Then one fateful day spent at my beloved Value Village I had a eureka moment - I would be a MUSIC FESTIVAL GOER :D This meant hipster chic, big earrings, ridiculous accessories, (bonus - I had so much of this stuff already) and of course a flower crown! I have wanted an excuse to make and wear a flower crown for some time, and I just couldn't ever see myself ACtually wearing one to a music festival. It would be so sweaty and uncomftoable I just don't think I could stand it. So this, my friends, was the perfect opportunity. I love Halloween. 

What you will need:
- An assortment of faux flowers, different colours and sizes (and don't forget you'll want some leaves in there too!)
- Lightweight, plastic coated wire
- Thin cable (note: cutting this stuff is very difficult! I used tinsnips, not pictured here)
- The oval sleeve to join the cable ends
- Pliers for snipping and pliers for pinching


Measure the cable to the appropriate size. Make it quite loose as you will be filling it in with flowers and wire. I fit the cable loose enough to rest on my ears. You'll cut the cable, stick the ends in the little connecter piece and crimp it down with some pliers. 


Start with the largest blooms spaced evenly apart, facing outwards, as the base from which you will build around. Snip a bunch of large flowers so the stems are about 1.5 inches or so (it really doesn't matter). Bend the ends at a 90 degree angle, making a piece you'll use for fastening.  


Using a 1-2 inch pieces of plastic coated wire, attach each flower to the cable base by twisting it very tightly. Wrap the remaining wire tail around the stem and cable base. 


Start filling it in! I ended up using many more flowers than I thought I would to make it nice and full, keep that in mind when you are gathering supplies. I cut the stems below the fake leaves and bent them so they had a bit of curve. Then the flower, with stem and leaves were wired on, anchored in at multiple points. Repeat, repeat, repeat until you have reached the fullness you desire! It takes some manipulation and tweaking to get everything to fit wear you want, and for flowers faces to point the right direction. Use wire to attach any little stems together to ensure everything stays where you want it. 

For my "I wen to COCHELLA!" costume I printed music festival logos from Google and made them into simple wristbands. People thought I had saved them from different festivals I had actually been to!

For my "I wen to COCHELLA!" costume I printed music festival logos from Google and made them into simple wristbands. People thought I had saved them from different festivals I had actually been to!

- While you are making this crown you have all intentions of keeping it 'nice' looking on the inside - but I'm telling you now don't worry about it. Give in to the inevitable messiness, accept it form the beginning and it just becomes that much easier.  

- If you have intentions of wearing this to an event (ex; Halloween, bridal shower, coffee date) try and it on many ways;  flip it over,  turn it etc. Wire down the 'fly away' pieces that look like they are sticking out too far. Once you have decided which way looks the best, mark it somehow and try and remember how you put it on. It isn't the kindest to your hair so you'll want to minimize the amount of times you take it on and off once your hair is did for your event. 

- Please not, after you dawn your flower crown and want to touch up your hair with a bit of extra curling, the fake flowers will melt and burn and it smells awful. 


Don't be alarmed if next time you come for a visit,
I am in my farm clothes, doing chores of some kind, wearing this flower crown. :D