File with style using Philmore the Filing Cabinet,
to organize receipts, tax stuff and other boring adult paper work.

      I think we have all seen this honey oak filing cabinet somewhere. I know my parents had one (have one?) and though very sturdy and functional .. couldn't be uglier .. When I found this piece I really loved the metal hardware on it, especially the little label slots!

      I pulled my signature move on Philmore and got Marty to add legs. Adding little legs is an incredibley fast way to update any piece of furniture and make the piece feel lighter. As you can see with these legs, they aren't even all the same! I get so many of my furniture legs (including these ones) at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, a place where you can buy (and donate to!!) all kinds of second hand and sometimes new home reno/furniture/lighting/building material/etc. items - and they don't cost you an arm and a leg! :D I painted the whole unit in Edmonton's own Reloved chalk paint in the colour OZ and then I brushed on hints of yellow and mint before sanding the edges to let out a minute amount of honey golden oak back into the world. I also got allllll the hanging files from the Reuse Centre, a place to not only donate all kinds of reusable-but-a-lot-of-people-throw-them-away items - but to buy them too. You can take as much stuff from the store and pay either $5 or $10 depending on the weight you are taking. It's amazing for the planet, the wallet and the thrifter heart. <3

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