Farm Photo Shoot - AUG 17, 2016

     The world is very small and funny place. When I was doing the Edmonton Art Walk in July there was a group of photographers roaming about the festival, that I later learned was The Edmonton Shutter Bugs. One of the members, Jay Thygesen, was wearing the most colourful rainbow socks and I loved them! I commented on her socks, we started chatting and she ended up taking a few pictures of me and my setup and art. She was SO funny and we had a serious good laugh. Later that day she was showing her photography to her daughter, Anna, and Anna and I know each other from singing in a choir together! Anna stopped by to see me at Art Walk, she told me I met her mom, and we had another good laugh! ANY ways Jay and Anna came by the farm for a few hours and Jay took some wonderful photos of Marty and me on our third wedding anniversary! These photos will be forever cherished. Thanks again! :)

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