Making EASY, easy art.

     I have always been a proponent of owning original artwork, especially paintings. Not only does it (hopefully) directly support the artist, and maybe it's because I have original paintings to sell, but there is something very personal about owning the canvas the brush strokes were created on. You own every layered decision about colouring and image placement; you own all the emotion that went into an actual, tangible creation. It wasn't made through a mouse and computer screen but by an actual physical connection between the artist's hand, their brush, the paint and the canvas. I don't want to sound preachy, and I don't want to bash any one out there using technology to build their art. I am just saying I like and encourage others to obtain original paintings. It gives your home a sense of personalization that Ikea prints do not offer.

      Now of course there is the topic of $$$. Real paintings cost real money and I know that. There's a time and a place for mass produced prints and it's better than bare walls! Limited edition prints of original art work are a much cheaper alternative as is photograph art. Have you ever visited ? It's a great place to find artwork for any budget and support all different types of artists from all over the world. And of course, there is always the make something option when it come to filling your walls.

      My brother recently moved into his own swanky bachelor's pad. He's got great style and is slowly acquiring prints and such to personalize his home. Eventually, I will make him some original art (you hear that bro?) but haven't quite got there yet and I still wanted to make him SOMEthing original-ish.

      I found a super fun piece of mustache scrap booking paper at Michaels while getting stuff for a different project. It immediately reminded me of my brother and I thought to myself, "I should frame this!" (As far as future posts go, you will learn more about my framing obsession.) It was 12"x12" so I knew finding a frame to fit the whole paper may be challenging. But it was also 99¢ so I was willing to take a chance.

      While at Winners one fine day (I love Winners) I came upon a very ugly, very discounted print in a very square 12"x12" frame. It looked almost perfect for the mustache paper! With a little DIY TLC I knew it could look very handsome. $9? I'm all over it. I took it home. Ripped out the print. Spray painted the frame matte black. And voilà! Something worthy of a man-cave!

So simple, so cheap, so sharp; easy art.

This post was originally posted on June 6, 2014 on a previously owned website.