You are cordially invited to check out these cute, colourful and co-ordinating cousins Coral & Clancy the Nightstands

      (Ready for some serious cheese? May pair well with a glass of what ever you have on hand! :P) I approach painting furniture the same as I do every DIY and crafty endeavor, like a work of art. Every project has life and character traits of their own. Every project starts out pretty ugly or blank, requires a lot of different steps and layers, usually has another pretty ugly stage some where in the middle, and eventually comes out on the the other side as something really beautiful. These nightstands were a particularly challenging, they just kept not looking right. So I can't even properly explain how I achieved this look or what brand of paint I used in what colour. I just kept layering textures and sanding until they came out just right. What I do know is my husband said, "Wow these are really pretty." It's not that he never compliments my work, he just rarely uses the word pretty.

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