With her oh SEW cute frame, a little touch of coral
and some lovin' classed Clementine the Desk right up!

      When it comes to giving furniture new life, documenting the after is so darn easy - the before, on the other hand, is something I seem to forget to do. More often than I'd like. Eh, I'll try to get that straightened out.

      This little desk was once a sewing table, where the sewing machine would pop out for the large lid like desk top when opened up. The compartment on the right is where you would keep thread, needles and other supplies. When I choose furniture to make over I consider all the normal stuff; price, size, usefulness, etc. but I mostly choose pieces for their unique hardware. These little bow handles had me all like *heart eyes emoticon*. I had to take it home with me.

      I have said this more than once, but I absolutely love combining saturated colour with the natural or stained wood colour. It pleases my love of both modern colour seen in homes today, and the classic 'antique look'. This paint is Behr Youthful Coral in a satin finish.

    Clementine made for the most adorable addition to my best gal pal's bridal shower (below) and see more of that event here. When this little desk finally did sell my hear ached a wee little bit, but I know that she went to a good family. 

Coral of the story, it's okay to let go of things you love. :)


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