Christmas Snowscape - basically, stuff in jars.

What ya need: 

- Jar(s), any shapes/sizes, obviously you'll need a size that matches the object you want to put in it
- Cute filler stuff! Little cars, trees, houses, ornaments - anything to match your Christmas style. I like the vintage/farmhouse style - but you would not have to do that same! I think Elsa would look pretty great in one of these.
- Styrofoam. If you ever needed a reason to be vacuuming off your cheeses grater, this is it. You can also use premade fake snow from a craft store if you want.
- Clear Elmer's style glue
- Sparkles, if you'd like! The sparkles add a bit of colour/depth to the stark whiteness of the styrofoam. Note: I made some of theses last year and it seems as though the dye from the sparkles seeped in and coloured the snow quite a bit. Keep that in mind if you want a whiter snow. 
- Hot glue gun, to secure objects to the bottom of the jar

Making the snow. 

Mix together grated/crunched up styrofoam (I literally used my cheese grater), some clear glue and some sparkles. You are going to use this snow as the base in your jars, as well as on top of the objects you are putting in your jar. 


Assemble your filler objects!

Assemble anything in your jar that requires it; tying a tree to a truck, gluing ornaments onto a car, etc, before packing your jar with snow. The possibilities are endless as to what you can do here! Using a spoon, pile little bits on the tops of the objects, and then pour some clear Elmer's style glue directly on the little piles of snow so they are really stuck.

Pack 'er with snow!

Any tall or lanky object; trees, deer, will need to be glued directly to the bottom of the jar using a hot glue gun so that they don't fall over and then the snow can be packed in around it. After you have given your jar a nice

polish with some glass cleaner, place that gluey-styrofoam stuff into the bottom. You will have to use a spoon to spread it a bit. Be patient and move slowly so the glue doesn't get all over the sides! (Even if it does, use a wet q-tip and some tweezers to get to where ever you need to wipe it off). Then pour some clear Elmers glue right onto that packed snow. Let that dry for about 5 minutes to allow it to stiffen a bit. 

Place the car (or what ever!)

Using hot glue again, cover the bottom of the object and place it on top of the snow. Use a pair of scissors to make sure it is sitting evenly by just pushing each side down until it's even.  If there is little piece of styrofoam  too close to your object just gently move them away with something look and pointy.  

       When completely dried, I would say let it dry over night, put the lid on! You'll know it's dry as the object hardly move around when gently shaken. I like the look of glass mason jar lids as they let the light it, but you can also use fun Christmas wrapping or scrapbook paper over top of standard metal mason jar lids. 

      Note, so that there are no "Pinterest didn't tell me that!" comments, this is incredibly messy. The glue is sticky, the sparkles are intrusive and the styrofoam is so staticky All the photos just show these nice little jars - but surrounding me and the jars is a disaster. :)

Last year I gave a few of these as gifts - and this year I have a few for sale if you want to do the same! I hope you have a very, merry ... oh wait what's politically correct greeting nowadays? How about...