Book Themed Bridal Shower (For My Best Gal Pal)

      Since the fourth grade my friend Stephanie and I have pretty much been inseparable. If space did physically come between us (as in, she moved away - but don't worry, she came back) our hearts never were. I love her like a sister, and since I don't have a biological one I am so happy the universe sent her my way so many moons ago. When I was tasked with the honour of hosting her bridal shower (aka when I asked if I could be the one to do it) my mind immediately went to book theme! She loves to read, always has, something we so do not not not have in common. The number of books I have read start to finish is comparable to how many sinks you have in your house. I also envisioned the shower to be summery, girlie, flowery and of course colourful! For quite a few weeks I planned on having this function outside but as the day drew nearer and the forecast remained dim, I gave in and planned to have it indoors.
      First thing is first of course, the invitations. I found a gorgeous free printable here for a wonderful library book pocket card template. I used the fonts Tosca Zero, Futura, Variane Script and Press Style and whipped up the invite on Photoshop. I printed them out on old Grand&Toy file folders cut down to size. It's all about that reduce, reuse, recycle thing, people. ;) If possible, when doing your invitations, make a special one for the bride. Mine just said "Join is for your Bridal Shower!" and said how excited I was to host this event. Thinking about it now it would have been cute to say "Let us shower you in love!".
      Because of my thrifting habits and vintage upcycling/adventuring/selling I always have a plethora of various home goods on hand, and I used a ton of my stash for this par-tay. I borrowed the divine cloches from my near and dear friend Jordanna (who BTW has great personal style and decorating sense) and whom without I would not have been able to pull off this bridal shower. <3

The letters for the Once Upon A Time and Love Story banners are all free
from the Shanty 2 Chic website and you can find them here!

      As much as I love decorating, themes and parties I could never love them more than this girl. When someone has been in your life longer than hasn't been, you literally cannot imagine life without them there. I know how unbelievably lucky I am to have a friend like this in my life and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to show her how much I love her through this little get together. And people, you know a girl loves ya right back, when your bridesmaids' gift is surprise JUSTIN BIEBER tickets! I may be 27, married with a mortgage, have farm chores to do every day and boring adult bills to pay - but the Biebs makes me feel like I am a 12 year old giddy tween who literally doesn't know how to hold in her excitement thinking about being in the same room and breathing in the same air as Justin Bieber. PS the concert is tomorrow and I may have just peed a little.

Giddy and grateful,
- A.F.

Book Pages Wall

      I used 5 or so different books to do this. All books have slight variations in font size, colour and page size. I ripped out a ton of pages from all 5 books, and then really mixed them up before papering the wall. I didn't want patches of all the same pages. Start papering the from the bottom up, that way you can cover the previous rows tape. I used tape because I don't care if a little paint come off my walls as this room is eventually getting a complete renovation overhaul anyways! Tape might still work if you removed it carefully, and other than that I am just not sure what you could use! I also think putting the writing the right way (as in not upside down) is the way to go, it is much more visual comfortable.

Book Stack Flower Vase

      K, so this really isn't much of a tutorial, but I think it's a pretty good explanation of how these book vases were made! I used soOOooOOoo much hot glue to keep all the pages together and to ultimately form the vase shape. I put tons of glue the bottom of the pages and that ended up working well as the dried hot glue made a grippy bottom and helped the books to stand very nicely. Inside the little cut out compartment we (this project was tackled with the previously mentioned wonderful Jordanna) shoved in thin plastic bags with some water in them and then arranged the flowers! We weren't sure if they would leak so we placed them on some plates for a few hours before adding them to the tablescape. I am absolutely in love with the way they turned out!

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