A few doodles and stickers couldn't stop Aurelia the Dresser
from finding (kelly) greener pastures!

      The easiest part of this transformation was not having to rack my brain about what to name this dresser, some little person already did the honour for me! I can only imagine when her parents walked in to see their child's latest work of art ... "Let's just get a new one." I'm sure glad they did. I partially took on this dresser for the divine sense of satisfaction I knew I would have after getting it done!

      There was a lot of chemical cleaner and sanding work done on this piece, but it actually took a shorter amount of time to get to a paintable state then I thought it was going to. As with so many of my furniture transformations I use good ol' Behr interior paint and in this case I used Paradise of Green in a satin finish. You know I'm all about that distressed life, because who doesn't want to be a little de - stressed?? But actually though, after all the stripping and prepping it was not a a perfectly smooth surface. Distressing furniture hides SO many imperfections. The knobs were buffed and lightly spray painted gold. They came off of some 1960s kitchen cabinets, from a house my folks flipped! As soon as I saw them I knew they had potential. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do! :)

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