Art Studio (makin' progress!)

      As you may know, our Franke Farm House renovation officially started by converting the awkward step-down second living room/den into my art studio! (Previous post under RENOS has all the dets!) It was already being used as such, but because it wasn't built to be an art studio it was always a complete disaster. There wasn't enough usable work space, storage or flow, and some days it was overwhelming trying to get stuff done in it. Here are a few of the disastrous before pictures with the current state!

      Obviously, we built a wall! I really wanted to be able to shut the door on this space so that I can some what separate working and being at home. I also wanted to be able to shut away the mess because yes the disastrous state of the before is related to an inefficient work space, but it's also just my style. ;) The french doors are an in stock option from The Home Depot (painted in Behr Extreme Yellow) and we got a 3rd door to use in the wall to make a windowed wall!

      Do you know about the Habitat for Humanity Restore? It is the most wonderful place for all kinds of home reno odds and ends, as well as furniture, sinks, tools, mirrors, light fixtures, etc. etc. etc, for great prices. And when you shop there you are supporting such a wonderful cause! They have cabinet doors for $2.50/door as well as cabinet door hinges for $1.00/hinge ... um AWesome! I ran into my old pal Anthony while I was there picking up my 8 doors and he was getting the same type of doors for his home project! (Hey Anthony! Hope your project went well!) You kind of have to be okay with mismatching, and you aren't necessarily always going to find what you are looking for. But if you are flexible and patient, and able to make a few visits looking for something, it is so worth it!  In my case I just wanted a bunch of doors to all be the same height, and I didn't care about the pattern - as they of course are going to get painted! There will be many more details to come as this space gets finished! I cannot wait to move in!

Covered in paint, impatient and excited,
- A.F.

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