Old House - Laundry Room

      There is something to be said about having enough space and horizontal work surfaces in your laundry area. With out them, there is no efficiency in the whole laundry system and it inevitably piles up in every bathroom, corner and underneath the furniture and before you know it you have no matching socks, all your whites are grey and everything smells like diesel (life of a mechanic's wife.) 
      The laundry room on this house is jutted off the back entry, thus storage and staying organized were what we kept in mind when renovating this area. I desperately wanted to have the biggest counter space possible to be able to sort, fold and do what ever else it took in order to keep sole mates together. I guess I was so desperate that when it came time to rip apart the laundry room I didn't really take any before pictures! But here are the glorious afters (which don't quite do the space justice, I still have a lot to learn about photography)... 

      The biggest functional change we made was moving the sink from between the washer and dryer (horrible design, btw) which made it possible (for Marty) to build a huge oak counter top and slap it on acorss the whole space. Prior to, we only had two small cabinets above each the washer and dryer. We replaced them with bigger ones, added a third and now storage is a DREAM *hearteyesemoticon*. A marble, hexagon tile backsplash was added for a little bit of sparkle. 
      Like everything, eeeeeverything, I am very much going to miss this great laundry room. Our new laundry room is an awesome size, but like this little guy, is going to need a complete overhaul!