When marty comes home with flowers, it's ususlall because he 

One fine evening, marty came home from work with a beautifully wrapped bouquet of flowers. he handed them to me with such love in his eyes, softly ___, "Allison, look what I got for you!" As the loving, appreciate wife that I am, I took the bundle into my hands, grinning ear to ear, thinking to myself, "WOW! I have a great husband" This euphoria quickly vanished as the words out of marty's mouth were as follows, " Oh, And I bought a gun today." *SIgh* There weren't 'just because flowers' but hey, I love getting flowers and just as much as he loves getting guns. *Note - the guns we have are for hunting, just want to make that known. :)*

I am no expert florist or hordacultuist, I simply love the beauty of flowers and want their beauty to be properly spilled. Here are a few things I have picked up along the way 

Arranging flowers is stress relief for me. It's creative, colourful and combines mother nature's handy work into my home, two thing I absolutley love. 

when many people get bouquets of flowers this is what they end up looking like;

insert very awful picture of huge bouquet in a vase


The above is what I like to call the top-heavy- ____ arrangement. 

Here is my guide to arranging un-arranged flowers. Turn those grocery store flowers into something spectacular. 

You'll need a nice sharp pair of scissors and multiple different sizes of vases. Have one or two main vases, with a few little ones. Use things you maybe have around the house

When flowers start to wilt it is so sad! Something so beautiful starts to shrivel up. I think I am comforted by the fact that they return to the earth so new things can grow again, but you still wants them to last as long as possible. I have found that using opaque containers immensely increases staying power. Here is my example with some yellow gerbera daisies. These flowers are of the same batch, both about 10 days old and look at the difference! It has something to do with how bacteria grows, obviously,