Old House - Living Room

      A kitchen/dining room/living room open concept living space is definitely the heart of the home, and we knew that we wanted something bold in this space where we spend SO much time looking at the walls. The wall we chose to add some serious life to, in our living room, is also the first thing you lay eyes on when you come into the house. Even now, when I come through the front door, I just love the way it looks and feels. 
      We knew right away that a barn board-esque wall was something we were definitely going to do, and thanks to Marty's hoarding tendencies we were able to use wood that he had been saving up, wood that would have otherwise been thrown away! (Sometimes I can't believe how wasteful this world can be! - Also, not fully supporting hoarding, k, Marty?) 
      The greyish boards of this wall are simply unbleached, and really darkened up when selaed. The brown tones were achieved by using Minwax stain in Provincial and Dark Walnut. They all turned out in varying shades which I think is pretty neat. Then everything was sealed with a few good coats of Minwax Polyacrylic Protective Finish to seal the surfaces, make them wipeable and add a bit os sheen. Oh, and then there was a LOT of measuring, cutting, nailing and boring stuff that Marty and his brother did while my sister-in-law and I watched from a really dusty couch drinking wine. :D

To see the before photos of this living room, just look here!